Mango Harvesting?

Harvest mangoes using our Hectare mango picker. With our mango picker you can harvest mangoes with stems which fetch more price and longer shelf life.

Picture says it all?

Better productivity with no damage to fruit and stem retention

Cut mangoes

Mangoes cut by machine are sold at higher prices. Moreover, sap from mango stem does not spoil mango skin and hence increasing its shelf life.

Harvest like manual

Apples are harvested just like manual picking by twisting the apple towards upwards direction.

Presenting work to PM

Showcasing our machine to prime minister Sh Narendera Modi at IARI Pusa Delhi

Innovative company of year

Sickle was awarded with Innovative company of the year 2016 award by ISBA

Our Innovative products have won awards and heart of our customers

Read the reviews of some of our Customers.

"Hectare mango picker not only helped us harvesting mango with stalk but also saved on labour" Click for video:

Dr Dinesh Patel, Sardar Patel Organic Farm

"With Hectare apple picker, I could harvest my apples by myself without any damage to them and without taking risk to climb trees" Click for video:

Mr Mani Ram Thakur, Vashishth, Himachal Pradesh

"Hectare apple picker is useful because it does not damage the new sprouts and now with this device we are able to harvest apples which were earlier not in reach even after climbing" Click for video:

Mr Kahn Singh, Bhaghi, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh